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Queen Dryer Vent is known as the leading dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning company in Charlotte. We have been cleaning vents for many years

Our professional team will clean your air ducts in no time. Dust particles and debris can obstruct the airflow in your home. Call and schedule your service today.

We are Charlotte most experienced chimney sweep company. We offer cheap chimney sweeping service. Our focus is on the safety of your home and your family.


Why clean your dryer vents and air ducts?

Laundry lint and dirt
Your dryer vents will be subjected to a build-up of laundry lint and dust over time. This increases the risk of fire hazards when you continue to use your washing machine with clogged vents, as the machine can easily get overheated and draw excessive energy.

Dust mites and contaminants
Air ducts are also prone to dirt, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens accumulating through prolonged use. Such a build-up can obstruct the airflow within the HVAC ducts, and these airborne particles find a way to contaminate your immediate surroundings. Dust mites take permanent residence within the accumulated dust in vents. As a result, the environment is not very conducive to healthy living when your air ducts are packed with dangers waiting to be unleashed whenever you turn the switch on. People with breathing problems such as asthma become exposed to a continuous supply of polluted indoor air.

Energy efficiency and clean air
Regular maintenance and cleaning of dryer vents as well as air ducts are therefore imperative measures for household/workplace safety. With clear ventilation passages, your HVAC systems become more energy efficient as there is no more debris blocking the way and drawing too much power. As a result, your utility bills will go down considerably. Clean duct-work effectively reduces fire hazards in your dryer vents and allows your machine to run much more smoothly. There are no more overheating fears, burnt-out motors, and frequent electrician fees to pile up as your monthly expenses. Furthermore, vent cleaning alleviates the persistent dust that blankets your counter-top surfaces and upholstery, regardless of your daily surface cleaning chores. With no more dust mites and microbes co- existing with you, you breathe cleaner air, and your living spaces become more welcoming and inhabitable.

Post-renovation dust
Air duct cleaning is a necessary precaution for post-renovation atmospheres. If your home or work premises have undergone wall demolition and various overhaul constructions, it will be a smart idea to
have the air ducts thoroughly cleaned before you move back in. Queen City Vents is known for its contribution to improved urban living, and we are here to help you determine the necessary solutions for your HVAC systems.

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Why Choose Queen City Vents

We have a vast portfolio that reflects our competence and expertise in the growing industry. ​


With years of experience we are proud to be a top vent cleaning company in Charlotte


All our techs are skilled and they have years of experience in dryer vent cleaning.


We offer the most affordable and cheap dryer vent cleaning in Charlotte


In most cases we can offer same day service. Call today and schedule your service.


Why choose Queen City Vents?

Our residential and commercial projects span across a wide coverage of customer-defined requirements. HVAC systems are installed in out-of-sight locations and, therefore, do tend to become out-of-mind problems. Your laundry and ventilation investments can be rendered useless in the long run without proper maintenance, as the accumulating dirt and debris become too taxing on the equipment. 

We take away the core maintenance issues of dryer vents and air ducts away from your busy life. Our experts know the problem as much as they know where to look and how to get there. We exploit the benefits of truck-mounted cleaning and ergonomic hardware for superior results in a time-saving promise. If you do not want to keep a track of the next cleaning cycle, just confirm a schedule with us, and we will follow up with you in time before turning up at your doorstep.

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Our general cleaning stages:

HVAC inspection
Technicians from Queen City Vents inspect your duct work to determine the cleaning scope and requirements. This involves a thorough examination of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems lining your home or workplaces.

HEPA filtration vacuuming
Our truck-mounted vacuuming employs HEPA-filtered suction for thorough removal of dust and debris. HEPA filtration also ensures a 100% removal of small airborne particles such as dust mites, pollen, and other contaminants. Such efficiency combined with high-power vacuuming reaches deep into the ductwork, targeting the remote hide-outs of dirt and debris. These areas are often difficult to reach and can only release their build-up of dust through superior vacuuming power. With our 13,000+ cubic feet per minute (CFM) vacuums, your duct work will be left spotless in no time.

Hose suction and compressed air
Compressed air is driven throughout the duct work to round up all the dirt particles from every nook and cranny via a hose right into the Queen City Vents truck.


What's Our Clients Say

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I was so lucky enough to find Queen City Dryer Vent cleaning service., I called and the guys came the same day. Our dryer wasn't drying very well, so we thought something is wrong with the dryer itself but I am so glad we had our vent cleaned by this professional company. They also changed the dryer hose. Now my dryer is working great thanks to Queen City Vent!
Donna R.
My dryer wasn't drying the clothes, so I decided the dryer is broken. I made the mistake to buy a brand new dryer. I was so disappointed once I found out that the new dryer is still not drying well. Then someone told me to call a dryer vent cleaning company because maybe the vent is clogged. I called Queen city vents. The guys came on time. They were very professional. They cleaned the vent in 30-40 mins. The price was reasonable. They recommended me to clean my dryer vent every 1 year. I am happy with the service I received. I will call them again in 1 year.
Alex L.
I called QCV on Sunday. Even it was Sunday they came the same day. The price we paid was fair. There weren't any hidden fees. They cleaned my dryer vent in no time. The service I received was professional and pleasant. Thank you QCV, for the excellent job you did. I am recommending your services to all my friends.
David F.
We did some renovation at home, so we wanted to call a company to clean our air ducts, but we weren't sure which company to call. We called Queen City Vents, and we don't regret it. The guys did an amazing job. They arrived on time and were very friendly. Communication was clear during the entire service. I got quotes from 3-4 companies here in Charlotte, but they had the best price. I will continue to use their services for dryer vent and air duct cleaning. A++++
Peter W.

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We are professional small dryer vent and air duct cleaning company located in Charlotte, NC. 

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