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The Importance Of Air Duct Cleaning

Is the air you breathe fresh and clean ? 
In other words is your air duct system clean? Nowadays, clean air is increasingly difficult to obtain. Air pollution in open spaces increases with the development of human civilization. People spend most of their time indoors. From morning to evening, most of us have an activity inside a room or an office.  The question is, is the air inside fresh? Most of us are not aware of the cleanliness of our indoor air. 

Research has revealed that viruses and bacteria easily spread in indoor areas that have poor air quality. We rarely have a clue why we often develop diseases like allergy , asthma even severe pneumonia .So do you breathe fresh air? Still hesitant to get your air duct cleaned?

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air duct ceaning and reducing the risk of diseases
Air duct cleaning done properly

Problems from airborne toxins 

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are subjected to a whole range of airborne particles like dust, pollen grains, allergens, mold, etc. When such contaminants build up over time, they introduce breathing difficulties and headaches, and the complications are more strongly felt by people with allergic reactions. 

For example, people who suffer from asthma and skin allergies like eczema are often advised to get their HVAC systems checked and cleaned. 

Air ducts that have not been maintained and cleaned are prevalent sources of respiratory and skin complications. More dust is released into your immediate atmospheres through vents, and regardless of your daily cleaning chores, the polluted air recycles itself into and out of your HVAC systems. You encounter continuous exposure to dust and allergens that can easily affect your health.

Blockage through debris

Dust particles and debris can obstruct the airflow passages and outlets, impeding the air ventilation and causing the HVAC system to consume more energy. This affects the functionality of your heating and cooling units, as they fail to deliver the required ambient temperatures within suitable time frames.

How much dirt can be found in air ducts?

Air ducts gather around 40 pounds of dirt and contaminants throughout the year in an average household. Each time you turn the switch on, these allergens are swept around your home or office, turning any living space into a whirlpool of toxins. As a result, allergic reactions escalate for people with sensitivities to pollen and dust.

Our Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air ducts require professional cleaning services to mobilize all the hidden deposits of dirt from every nook and cranny. Queen City Vents provides specialized vacuuming that attains around 13,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to achieve such deep-cleaning results. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered approach is the most effective strategy today that captures the smallest particles while vacuuming. 

Our team has extensive hands-on opportunities with various duct work installations and layouts, and our top-notch vacuuming service removes all lingering traces of impurities. Superior power creates a strong blast throughout the duct work, chasing away all the pollutants through singular emission.

 Queen City Vents relies on its updated training workshops and certifications all year long to allow our teams to stay in line — and surpass — the current industry trends.

Our residential and commercial reach across Charlotte

We tackle maintenance projects of all magnitudes within homes and corporate environments across Charlotte . Queen City Vents takes pride in its dynamic team of professionals who have been trained to deliver the best services with the best equipment. The end result is always clean, breathable indoor air that improves the living quality of your immediate environment, allowing you to live and work in peace.

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     What Are The Benefits of air duct cleaning ? 

  1. Energy efficiency
    Once your HVAC systems have undergone a full-scale cleaning, air will flow more freely and provide better ventilation. Your desired cooling and heating environments will be reached much quicker than before. This adds the energy-efficient component to your residential and commercial ductwork, and the drop in utility bills is a definite silver lining.
  1. Unit durability
    With no more blocked airways, your HVAC units breathe a new lease of life and last much longer. Air duct maintenance gives you returns in the long run, as your hardware continues to function better with more durability. Longer life span is a well-deserved feature for your expensive heating and cooling appliances.
  1. Clean air
    Clean air ducts significantly lower allergic reactions for the occupants of any house or office. Respiratory issues like asthma and congestions originate from dust mites, pollen, fragrant particles, smog particles, etc. Professional-scale air duct cleaning addresses all of these complications and vacuums away the impurities from every nook and cranny of the HVAC layout.


  Our air duct cleaning stages

  1. Air duct inspection
    Our technicians carry out an extensive analysis of your duct work’s current situation. This includes inspecting the HVAC systems to determine the level of cleaning and maintenance required.
  1. Cleaning accessories
    We use specific accessories like rotary brush systems to thoroughly clean the HVAC interiors before subjecting them to powerful vacuuming.
  1. HEPA-filtered vacuuming
    An industry-grade HEPA-filtered vacuum is used to provide superior suctioning that targets all dust particles from the HVAC network. This filter traps impurities like pollen and other toxins to make sure that they do not get released back into the airflow. The result is a much cleaner and safer air for you to breathe.
  1. Air blast
    Once the powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum mobilizes all the trapped particles, we supply a blast of compressed air to drive out the contents into the Queen City Vents truck. We take care to isolate each HVAC unit to optimize the airflow through every individual duct work. You can always take a look at the end into our truck to see just how much of dust had been living in your HVAC systems.


Where to begin?

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