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Dryer Vent Cleaning Charlotte

before and after dryer vent cleaning


 Dryer Vent serves to blow out any hot air that is generated during the dryer’s operation. Dryer vent cleaning is performed to remove any flammable lint and debris located on the interior surfaces that could potentially clog up duct work and start a fire. The Dryer vent line should be cleaned for 1-2 times a year.

Problems with clogged dryer vents 

Through prolonged usage, your dryer vent faces a problem from laundry lint and dirt that pile up into a tangled mess. Loads of varying nature include everyday clothes, linen, towels, blankets, sweaters, etc. The dryer vent filters out hot air and moisture from your machine’s drying cycle and retains the lint along with any dust/debris particles. 

When the dryer vents become clogged, your washing machine will overwork itself due to blocked ventilation. Consequently, your laundry takes up more time to get dried, and this means higher electricity bills. If your laundry still has a suspicious amount of moisture after the drying cycle is complete, it could indicate issues with the dryer vent.

 The risk of fire 

Clogged vents directly impact the machine’s fire hazards due to overheating and high-power surges. The dryer vent can also be blocked with small pieces of clothing like your missing socks. Each cycle of drying gathers heat in its wake as the vent is obscured by the year-long build-up. With no way for the excessive heat to escape, the risk of fire is inevitable unless your dryer vent undergoes thorough cleaning. Also, laundry lint can come from flammable materials in clothes, adding fuel to the fire if it breaks out.

Professional cleaning equipment

It can be an uphill battle to try and clean a dryer vent without the right equipment, as you cannot see through the vent till the outlet. Queen City Vents has a qualified team of technicians with hands-on experience through efficient tools and cleaning hardware.

Our residential and commercial reach 

We cover projects within homes and offices to determine mold build-up due to leaky outlets. Our inspection and cleaning teams know their way around the dryer vent systems, making sure to connect the right dots and restore your HVACs to their correct working efficiency.

Annual dryer vent cleaning 

Queen City Vents recommends at least one session of dryer vent cleaning in a year, depending on its usage applications. A professional-scale cleaning ensures removal of dirt deposits and lint build-up, leaving your dryer vent as good as new. Our dryer vent maintenance is recognized and approved by North Carolina’s safety authorities. 

When its working condition is restored and upgraded, your machine will operate smoothly while drying the clothes, and this helps to cut down utility bills. With no further load on the motor and a clear outlet for the heat and moisture to escape, the risk of fire is also averted.

Benefits of dryer vent cleaning


Fire prevention

Clogged dryer vents block heat and moisture from escaping during each cycle, causing the machine to overheat and potentially catch fire. Lint is often flammable and when it builds up over time, the blocked outlet can become the root cause of devastating house fires. 

Statistics reveal that dryer vents take up a significant proportion of annual house fire pie charts. Professional dryer vent cleaning addresses this root problem by delivering clear ventilation for the machine to work smoothly.

Energy efficiency

Blocked dryer vents retain moisture instead of letting it through. This results in wet laundry even at the end of the drying cycle, causing you to repeat the process until your clothes are dry. More time is consumed along with energy, which is not very productive in terms of the environment or your utilities.

Some fabrics cannot withstand extended drying cycles, which means that your garments will endure some unavoidable damage. We deliver competitive results through industry-standard equipment and vacuum technologies to optimize your machine’s performance.  The cleaning process also adds durability to your machine’s overall working power in the long run. This flattens your utility bill curve and makes your machine more energy efficient. 


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Our dryer vent cleaning stages 

Dryer vent inspection
Technicians from Queen City Vents will conduct a full-scale inspection of your dryer vent, whether in residential or commercial contexts. This includes measurements and analysis of back pressure and airflow features to determine the magnitude of the blockage.

Unclogging and cleaning
Our professional cleaning targets the clogged vent by removing laundry lint, tangled socks, dirt, etc. The lint screen is also cleaned to regulate airflow ventilation so that your machine works better with minimal fire hazards.

Dryer vent sanitizing
Our cleaning stage is closely followed by thorough sensitization to achieve the microscopic level of proper hygiene. We use non-toxic chemicals to target bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that reside throughout your dryer vent installation.

 Where to begin?
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